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This is a good place to check for all the latest family news and all updates and new information on the Duncanet.com website.

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2001 News (newest to oldest)

11/21/01 A basic graphical Family Tree added
Ashley Duncan's Christening

09/21/01 Duncanet Cookbook now online
08/17/01 2001 Family reunion in Billings, MT
06/27/01 Doug Duncan victim of IT layoffs
05/12/01 Jere Duncan in Denver for Mother's Day / Crystal's first Mother's Day
03/27/01 Ashley Ann Duncan Born
03/25/01 The OTHER New Member of our Family
03/10/01 Baby shower for Crystal Duncan
02/16/01 Anthony Duncan killed in a traffic accident

10/28/01 Ashley Duncan's Christening top of page

Ashley Duncan was officially Christened on October 28th, 2001, just 2 days after Doug and Crystal's 5th anniversary. It was a wonderful event and all of our family in the Denver area attended the service. The service was performed at Southeastern Christian church in Parker, CO, and was presided over by Minister Russell McCracken. Please check out the Events Page for more details and photos of the event.

09/21/01 Duncanet Cookbook now online top of page

I have added a cookbook entirely comprised of recipes sent in by family members and friends. Many excellent recipes have already been added, but feel free to send yours to me to add. Click here to access, or use the link at the top of the page.

8/17 through 8/19/01 2001 Family reunion in Billings, MT top of page

There was a great turnout to the family reunion this year and the weather in Montana couldn't have been better. This year the family reunion was held at Oliver and Helen Sullivan's house in Billings, and there was quite the setup there. This was the first family reunion for our newborn daughter, Ashley, and she gad a great time seeing all the new faces. For a full story and a photo album, click here to go to the Events Page.

6/27/01 Doug Duncan victim of IT layoffs 9/27/01 Work found!top of page

It seems the big trend in Denver right now is to lay off all the IT people in all the large companies around town, and this time I got hit. I survived 3 major layoffs since Qwest bought US West last year, but the fourth, and last from the original merger, I was not so lucky. Well, I finally found a job with a company called AT&T Broadband. I work as a contractor and do desktop support for the employees who work for the company. It is a good job, but it is about a 25 mile drive from my house to an area of Denver called the Tech Center, south of town, and these drivers in Denver are horrible! (Click here to see a photo of me while I was unemployed ;-)

5/12/01 Jere Duncan in Denver for Mother's Day / Crystal's first Mother's Day top of page

Doug & Crystal Duncan were delighted to hear that Doug's mother, Jere Duncan, was planning on visiting Denver for a week over Mother's Day. She could not wait to meet her granddaughter, Ashley Duncan, for the first time, and this would also be Crystal's first Mother's Day, so that made it extra special. While she was here, we planned a little Mother's Day dinner at our house for not only Jere, but Crystal's mother, Bev Scott, Crystal's grandmother, Ruby DeBeaux, Crystal's stepmother, Lucy, and Lucy's mother, Evelyn. We had a lot of mom's over here that day. Also in attendance were (of course) were Doug Duncan, Crystal's father, John Scott, and Crystal's uncle, Roger DeBeaux. Please check out the photo album below for some very nice pictures.

Photo Album

3/27/01 Ashley Ann Duncan Born top of page

She's finally here everyone! Ashley Ann Duncan was born into this world on March 27th, 2001 (only 5 day's after her dad's birthday). She weighed 5 pounds, 5 ounces and is a little darling. She is such a gentle and sweet baby, the nurses at the hospital argue over who can take care of her for the night. (Hopefully that is the case, anyway.) She was born 5 weeks premature and has a couple weeks stay at the hospital. Mom was released Thursday (3/29), and is home recuperating. She did a wonderful job!! For the full story and photos, please go to Ashley's Page.

3/25/01 The OTHER New Member of our Family top of page

Sorry to be corny here, but I had to put our other new member of the family here too, because it does have a significance of recent. <STORY> Crystal left her job in January of this year and along with that, also lost her company car. That was fine, because we were planning on having her quit a couple months later anyway, to prepare for our baby's birth. We got along fine with just one car for a while, but we knew that eventually we would need another car before Ashley was born. We heard about a great financing offer on new Chevy trucks that was going on, and headed to the dealership on March 25th, just to look around. We ended up buying that day, and thank God we did, because 2 days later Ashley was born! This happened 5-1/2 weeks early, totally unexpected, and if we didn't happen to have a 2nd vehicle, one of us would have been stranded when Crystal's water broke. Wow, pretty good timing. I have always wanted a full-size truck, and I love this one. This photo is taken in front of our house. </STORY> Click on thumbnail for a larger view.

3/10/01 Baby shower for Crystal Duncan top of page

The baby shower held for Crystal Duncan at her house this Saturday was a great time for all who attended, and was a great turnout, even though the weather in Denver made a turn for the worse. I will post a photo album from the shower when we get the pictures developed, but for now, see the story on the Events page.

2/16/01 Sad News for the Duncan Family top of page

Anthony Duncan, son of Angi Duncan, was tragically killed in an auto/pedestrian accident on his way to school Friday morning in Spartanburg, SC. He was riding his bicycle to school and was struck by an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane when he moved out of the way for a school bus to pass. The driver of the vehicle did not have time to stop and the resulting injuries were too severe to save him. Anthony was dearly loved by all friends and family members and was a very special person to anyone and everyone he knew. He would have turned twelve on the 29th of next month. Memorial services will be held at Greenlawn Chapel, 2075 E. Main St., Spartanburg, SC at 5:00 PM Monday evening. In lieu of sending flowers, Anthony's mother, Angi Duncan has requested a donation be made in Anthony's name to Pennies for Patients, a school-wide fundraiser to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which Anthony himself has donated to out of his own allowance money.

Please send donations to Anthony's elementary school at the following address:

Chapman Elementary
230 Bryant Rd.
Spartanburg, SC, 29303

Angi has also requested donations be sent to the Denver Children's Hospital, where Anthony has been a patient many times.

If you would rather send donations to the Denver Children's Hospital rather than to Pennies for Patients, please send to the following address in care of the Children's Hospital Pediatrics Respiratory Therapy Unit.

Denver Children's Hospital Foundation
1245 E. Colfax Suite 400
Denver, Co. 80218

"In Memory of Anthony Duncan" should be written on the check or envelope somewhere.

To send a sympathy card to Angi Duncan, please use the following address:

Angi Duncan
502 Neville St.
Spartanburg, SC 29307

e-mail: lildog@aol.com

Other online links about this tragic event:

  • Anthony Duncan's Tribute Page. Click here
  • A personal letter by Angi Duncan here.
  • The Billings Gazette, local newspaper in Billings, MT has his obituary here.
  • Local TV Station, News Channel 7 has an article here.
  • Local TV Station, Channel 4, has an article here.

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