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Doug & Crystal


The Duncans

These pages are devoted to just the Duncan family in Denver, CO. The Duncanet website was originated and continues to be maintained by Doug, so we are kind of the "focal point" of the entire website. Enjoy!




Brandon Duncan

This page is dedicated to Brandon Duncan, born on November 14th, 2003

Brandon Introduction
Before I was born
Things I like
Photo Albums
Brandon Updates
Ultrasound Photos

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Brandon Stanley Duncan

I was born Friday. November 14th, at 11:30 PM weighing 8-1/2 pounds and 20-1/2 inches in length.

Read my full write-up on the News page and take a look at the Photo Album of my first few days when you get a few minutes.

I was finally let go home, Tuesday, November 19th, at much relief to my Mom and Dad. I had some sugar instabilities in my system, and after that was cleared up I had some jaundice, so I had to stay a couple more days. I didn't want anyone to call me yellow so I'm glad that is gone.

I'm at home now with my big sister along with Mom and Dad. I have a lot of fun keeping my Mommy awake all night, but hey, I get hungry too!

Stay tuned for more...

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My first Haircut!! This was on June 15, 2005 and mom and dad thought I was getting a little shaggy on top. The stylist was great and I did very well even though I had no idea what was going on. Here are before and after pictures.

Click thumbnails for larger Images.

This is one of my Daddy's and Grandpa's favorite pics of me. It was taken on March 24th, 2005. I just look so peaceful and unaware I was getting my picture taken.

Click thumbnail for larger Image.

I think I'm dry now! That was sure a fun ride in there, but it was very hot for some reason. I think my sister helped me get in here. This picture was taken on March 11, 2005.

Click thumbnail for larger Image.

This picture was taken on May 15th, 2004 when we met with John and Lucy Scott to give them farewell on their 2-1/2 month trip to Alaska. He is growing like a weed now and is a very happy little boy.

Click thumbnail for larger Image.

This picture is Brandon on Easter 2004. He is very alert and smiling all the time now (when he is not hungry or grouchy), He recognizes faces and is very playful. He is getting a few teeth too so he is slobbering all over everything (as you can see on his shirt).

Click thumbnail for larger Image.

This picture was taken March 6th in our home while Brandon was just lounging around. He is definitely more alert and is developing quite a personality.

Click thumbnail for larger Image.

This picture was taken when Brandon was one month old. It is a studio pic and is kind of grainy, but still cute.

Click thumbnail for larger Image.

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I was Baptized! On July 24, 2005 (during the family reunion in Denver) I was baptized to God at the Smoky Hill Methodist Church near our house. I had great support and MANY family members show up to see me be baptized. My Godfather is my uncle Aaron Scott and my Godmother is my aunt Angi Duncan. Below are a few pictures.

My First Birthday! I had my very first birthday on November 14th, 2004, but we had the party on November 20th because it was on a weekend. It was a great time and tons of friends and relatives showed up for it. Below I have a photo album that shows a bunch of pictures of the great time we had and some of the cool stuff I got.

Before he was born.. top of page

A few tidbits of info:

Crystal found out she was pregnant March 22nd (Doug's birthday).
The baby is due November 28th, 2003
We will find out the sex of this baby, which we didn't for Ashley.
On July 22, 2003, we found out our next child will be a boy, named Brandon Stanley Duncan (middle name after my father).
We had about 10 people at the OB office when we found out. It was about a 50/50 guess by all the family members on what the sex was. We are very happy, but would have been either way.
Time for some more shopping!!

Some things I really like top of page

6/05 - Cars, cars, cars!! And trucks too. I love toy cars and trucks and I usually grab an arm full to take with me to bed as a matter of fact! I also like anything my big sister happens to have in her hands. I love water and swimming and can hang out in a pool for hours.

6/04 - Mainly I just like to eat and put things in my mouth. My teeth are coming in so I like to chew on anything I can fit into my mouth. I really hate sleeping, and I will fight with Mommy for hours just so I don't have to go to sleep. I really love my big sister Ashley too.

Photo Albums (also on Photo Albums Page) top of page

My first few days
Up to 6 months
My First Birthday!


Brandon Updates top of page

All Written by Crystal Duncan

April 30, 2004

Hello family and friends,

Ok, so Brandon really loves Sweet Potatoes with Pears!!! Ashley had a small cut on her nose, so she needed a bandage. We spent time with Mom and Grandma, she was so tired driving home she feel asleep with eating her Twizzler licorice.

Doug loves his new job. Me and the kids are getting tired of being gone all the time and just cant wait for this house to sell, so we can start staying home and redecorating. Yea yea!!!! Brandon has gotten his first 2 bottom teeth, so now all the fun is starting. He rolls over all the time and starting to get up on his knees to start crawling. Need to get some sleep, since I'm lucky to get 4-5 hours a night. Brandon is still not sleeping thru the night.

Ultrasound Photos (As explained by Crystal) top of page

Click thumbnail for larger picture

20 Weeks
July 22, 2003: We had the ultrasound today and found out we are having a boy. We are all thrilled and can't wait until Brandon Stanley comes into this world around Thanksgiving. In the photo you can see his head and where the white arrow is you will find the little boy parts. They are 100% sure it is a boy. He is very active we could not get a great photo of him. And yes some of you figured it out. Why did his/her name have to start with a "B". that is because now all I have to do is sign everything ABCD Duncan Family. This will be the last baby we will have, so no going thru the entire ABC's. We are finished as we have one of each and will be very happy.

All New Duncanet!!

Welcome to the all-new Duncanet website. I have completely redesigned the site to a more appealing look and much easier navigation. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me any feedback you may have here.

Thanks for visiting!

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