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Doug & Crystal


The Duncans

These pages are devoted to just the Duncan family in Denver, CO. The Duncanet website was originated and continues to be maintained by Doug, so we are kind of the "focal point" of the entire website. Enjoy!




Doug & Crystal Duncan


Doug & Crystal Duncan
Taken Christmas 2004

Doug & Crystal Duncan.

Doug (me, the WebGuy) is the son of Stan and Jere Duncan of Billings, MT, and Crystal is the Daughter of John and Bev Scott of Denver, CO. I was born and lived in Billings all my life until I was 26 where I was offered a job transfer with the company I worked for at the time, to a branch location in Denver, CO. It was a good thing I took the transfer, or I would have never have met my beautiful wife Crystal, here in Denver. Crystal was born in Phoenix Arizona, and lived there until she was 6, and from there her family moved to Aurora, CO for a couple years. Then they moved to the beautiful mountain town of Conifer, CO, which is where she continued to grow up until her senior year in high school, when she moved back to Denver.

We met when I worked for a waterwell wholesale supplier (2M Company) and she worked for a wire and cable manufacturer (Essex Wire and Cable), and she was actually one of our suppliers for pump wire. After we met, we dated for 2-1/2 years, got married, and now live happily in far east Denver, CO. I currently work in the computer industry as a system administrator for all Colorado Guardian Title operations (Parent company is Cendant), and Crystal is a stay-at-home Mom with Ashley and Brandon.

We were married on October 26th, 1996 and have two children (Ashley and Brandon). Ashley Ann Duncan was born March 27th, 2001, and Brandon was born November 14th, 2003. Please check out the News Pages, Ashley's Page or Brandon's Page for details. We have always wanted 2 children, and we are so grateful that we were blessed with both a girl and a boy. People keep asking us if we have more, and the answer is no; it is official now...

I enjoy anything to do with computers and all things hi-tech. I enjoy playing computer games when I have time, along with staying up-to-date with all emerging technology, and new gadgets and gear. My 2 favorite magazine subscriptions are Maximum PC and PC Gamer. I also like reading Slashdot, because they have all the news that matters. I also like getting out to the mountains and just doing things with the family on weekends from time-to-time.

Crystal loves the fact that she can stay home and be a wonderful mother to Ashley and Brandon. She is a great home maker, and I don't know how we would even get by if she worked like a lot of mothers are forced to do these days. She and the kids are in a great playgroup in our area, and she has many friends in the group. This group is great because they are always doing fun things with the kids including visiting a ranch with horses for the kids to ride, visiting the local fire station, parks, doing crafts, and on and on.

What's up?

2004-2005 We didn't do too much in 2004 because you are very limited with a baby. We went to a wonderful family reunion at Thermopolis, WY, which was hosted by John and Mary Jo Lumley. It will be nice when Brandon gets a little older and will not require constant care, and we will be able to do more things as a family. Right now it is 2 days before Christmas and our oldest, Ashley, is as excited as a kid can be. Hopefully Santa will be good to her this year...

I am currently working for a company called Cendant SSG (the Settlement Services Group portion), and am the sole Colorado IT support person for over 20 branches of a sub-company called Guardian Title. I very much enjoy the work but have my hands full most of the time. The IT industry is very shakey, so hopefully this job will pan out for the long run.

We have also been doing a lot of local things in Denver like the Capital Hill's People's Fair, Taste of Colorado, movies, a play (yes, we actually went to a play), visiting friends and relatives, and anything else that we can do to just get out and have fun. We also enjoy just staying home and watching TV, movies or doing our own thing. I would really like to get out and see a couple concerts this summer, but time will tell if that will be possible. I'm surely not 18 anymore...

Here are some of our favorite links:


PC Logic: This is my company website, which was co-founded by myself and my friend and neighbor, Alex Shaw. We do part-time work for individuals and businesses having to do with all types of computer/network repair/installation/consulting. Check out the website for more info.

Slashdot: This is a technical website that keeps up with all that is happening in the computer industry and many other subjects that interest geeks like myself. It is a little Linux-leaned (a free UNIX based OS that is gaining major headway in the operating systems environment). It usually contained up-to-the-minute information on everything affecting the new high-tech world. A must see.

The Onion: The Onion is probably one of the funniest news/web publications that I have ever come across. It is a satirical look at our society today. They even have a great book out called Our Dumb Century.

Stickdeath: I have a very demented sense of humor, which is why I love this site. It involves animated cartoons of stick people which usually end up as the site name says. I think it is funny, but I might even get hate mail because of this. Check it out at your own risk.


Ask Jeeves: Ask Jeeves is a great site for getting questions answered. This is like a search engine, which I think is faster. Plus it give you lots of different links to go to in addition to the answer to your question.

BabyZone: This is obviously a website for baby stuff. You can set up personal calendars for your time line of pregnancy. This website also gives you headline news and happenings on baby-related issues. You can get shopping advice and all other kinds of information you need for your baby. You also have lists of do's and don'ts during pregnancy.

iVillage: This page is just for women. It gives you all kinds of advice and helpful information. I use this site a lot for quick answers on women's health.

Travelocity: I have found this a great site for buying low-priced airline tickets. You can pick your own seats and it is NOT like priceline. You don't bid on prices, they just post the cheapest prices. You can also set up what they call fare watchers. They will keep you informed of the travel tickets you want when the prices get lower. We have had great success on this travel site.

eBay: The best and cheapest "garage sale" page on the Internet. You can find almost anything on this site. You bid on your item and wait for it to close. If you are the highest bidder, you win that item at the price you entered. I have used this site and the items you get are in the condition the seller tells you. We have always had great luck with our purchases on this site.

All New Duncanet!!

Welcome to the all-new Duncanet website. I have completely redesigned the site to a more appealing look and much easier navigation. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me any feedback you may have here.

Thanks for visiting!

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