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Family Tree


Thes are families are all related to the Duncan's one way or another, whether by blood or marriage. Click on a last name for more info.





Doug & Crystal Duncan (on Duncan tab above)
Ashley Duncan (on Duncan tab above)
Jere & Stan Duncan
Janet Duncan
Sue Duncan
Angi Duncan
Anthony Duncan
Jesse & Bertha Duncan
George & Marion Duncan
Walt & Mary Duncan
Ron Duncan
Jack & Karen Penno (on Penno page)

Jere & Stan Duncan top

Doug & Crystal DuncanThis is a picture of my late husband Stan and me taken Jan. 1996 for our church bulletin. Stan was born June 12, 1930 and died July 13, 1998 We were introduced by a friend in 1961 and were married Aug. 23, 1963. We raised four children Janet, Doug, Susan and Angela. Angela has a son Anthony born March 29, 1989. I have a wonderful daughter in law Crystal and soon will have another grandchild due in May, 2001.

Stan and I enjoyed camping and spent some time camping nearly every year from 1968 through 1997. Our very favorite campsites are in the Beartooth Mountains out of Red Lodge, MT. We camped several different places including a Good Sam convention in Albuquerque, NM and Powell, WY. Also Crystal Lake Campground near Moore, MT.

In 1991 I took 6 weeks off work and Stan and I traveled from Billings to Yellowstone National Park for a Lumley reunion, on to Cody, WY, into Idaho on across to Oregon and up the Oregon coast, into Washington ending in Blaine, WA for a Duncan family reunion. We camped along the way some of the places and stayed in motels in others. We also stayed at military campgrounds in Washington and Montana. Along the way we looked for lighthouses and covered bridges and stopped at every one we possibly could. Some of the lighthouses are pretty awesome and it's fun climbing up in them.

Stan belonged to the Shrine and the Director's Staff unit. We did many things with the Shriners and went to a PNSA in Spokane, WA: Boise, ID; and Casper, WY as well as the ones in Montana. He joined the Shrine in 1981 and enjoyed all his years as a Shriner. Since Stan's death I have joined a wonderful philanthropic sorority called ESA. I have made a lot of new friends and been reacquainted with old friends in the sorority. We do service projects and have educational speakers at the meetings as well as our socials and rushes. This is a friendly group of gals and I have lots of fun. I also work out at a local health club, belong to Daughter's of the Nile- a woman's group of the Shrine, and am a volunteer tutor of reading, my 5th year to do this. It is very rewarding seeing the improvement in the reading of the students I tutor from September till May. The children really enjoy this alone time with a tutor and I enjoy the children also.

My hobbies are counted cross stitch which I have been doing since about 1983 and I have been doing memory albums the last four or five years. My pictures have gone from the shoebox into albums, at least some of them and I have 35 years of pictures to do. I try and keep up to date with pictures from year to year. Other hobbies include going to garage sales in the summer and traveling. In 1999 I took a trip to Europe with Carol, a friend I have traveled with since 1990. We went first to New York and stayed with Janet, then flew into London where we picked up a Trafalgar's tour with a wonderful tour guide and a nice bus driver. We were gone 25 days total staying again with Janet after our tour. We went to Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and a couple other places. It was fun but it is always good to get back home. Carol and I have also gone on 5 Elderhostels to NC, MS, TX and 2 in CO. These are fun and we always rent a car and travel around the area on our own. Our last EH was from Denver, CO to Santa Fe, NM along the Santa Fe trail learning a lot of history and having a great time.

My collections consist of postcards which I have collected since I was 12. I have about 7 shoe boxes full and many not in shoe boxes. My favorite topics are churches, lighthouses and covered bridges plus many other topics and state cards. I also collect angels and lighthouses. I also have a collection of recipes some of which are on the recipe page on the website. I have a cookbook installed on my computer and one I made on my desktop for recipes I couldn't format into the cookbook on my computer. Although I don't do as much cooking as I used to, it is still fun to cook up a good meal and try a new recipe now and then. There are still the favorite stand-bys too. I have put several of our family favorites on the recipe page. Please have a look and include your favorite recipe with your name and if you have something about it, please included that also.

I have done latch hook rugs, some embroidery, tube paints, sewing and of course counted cross stitch which I do a lot of and make many gifts. I also used to make pretty pins out of odds and ends of jewelry including a watch face and chains. These were glued on a belt buckle or any other suitable piece and worn on jackets or blouses. I still sell some now and then but haven't been active in this for quite awhile. I worked in a local department store called Hennessy's from 1982 till Oct. 1994 when I took early retirement. I worked in the customer service/gift wrap area and enjoyed the people and gift wrapping.

I am enjoying my retirement and doing:

  • What I Want
  • When I Want
  • IF I Want and
  • With Whom I Want.

Take care,

Janet Duncan top

Doug & Crystal Duncan

Hi Everyone! I live in New York City and teach Special Education in an inner city high school here. It's a wonderfully rewarding career. I love this city--it's always alive! I spent two years in West Africa in the Peace Corps (1996-1998) and try to travel as much as possible. Not married yet. Thankfully as a teacher I get summers off and am able to return to Montana for a few weeks each year.

My travel journals to Central America the summer of 2002 can be found on the News Page.

Sue Duncan top

Sue is a world traveler and has been just about all over the planet. Hopefully Sue will send in some information soon. Sue currently lives in Billings, MT in her own apartment near downtown.

This photo was taken April 5, 2004 when Crystal and the kids made a trip to Billings for Jere's birthday.

Angi Duncan top

Angi currently lives in a big house way out in the country near Spartanburg, SC. Angi is Doug's sister and the mother of Anthony Duncan.

Photo was taken at the 2002 Family Reunion in Billings

Anthony Duncan top

In memory of Anthony, I have created him his own page. Anthony is the son of Angi Duncan, in Spartanburg, SC.

This is Anthony's 6th grade school photo

Jesse & Bertha Duncan top

Jesse and Bertha are Stan Duncan's parents. Jesse passed away in 1981 and Bertha passed away in 1995. Both lived in a very nice little cottage house on the far-northwest coastal town of Birch Bay, WA.

George & Marion Duncan top

George and Marion Duncan currently live in Billings, MT. Their children include Jim and Steve Duncan.

Walt and Mary Duncan top

Walt passed away in 1985 and is survived by his wife Mary and children Scott, Holly and Debbie. Walt is Doug's uncle.

Ronald Duncan top

Ron passed away in 1997 and lived most of his life in Laurel, MT. The last few years of his life was spent with his mother and sister (Karen Penno) in the Blaine, WA area. Ron is Doug's uncle.

All New Duncanet!!

Welcome to the all-new Duncanet website. I have completely redesigned the site to a more appealing look and much easier navigation. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me any feedback you may have here.

Thanks for visiting!

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