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Family Tree


Thes are families are all related to the Duncan's one way or another, whether by blood or marriage. Click on a last name for more info.





Helen Lumley
John & Mary Jo Lumley
Paul Anderson

Helen Lumley top

Helen is the Widow of John Lumley (Helen Sullivan's brother), and currently lives in Thermopolis, WY. Helen is also John Lumley's mother.

John & Mary Jo Lumley top

John and Mary Jo currently live in Thermopolis, WY and recently retired as the county sheriff after serving several terms. John is Jere Duncan's cousin.

Paul Anderson top

Submitted by Paul

My mother Irene passed away in 1986 in Tacoma Washington. She had spent the better part of her life in the state of Washington, married to my father Carl Don Anderson and after his passing in 1975 to John Hagen. I reside in No. Cal. and am retired after spending 40 years + in sales for various food manufacturing companies. I have been married to my second wife Sharon since 1984 when we moved here from Minneapolis, MN. I have a daughter Brooke who lives in Berkley, Ca. [25 minutes away] who is married to Hugh Ditzler and they have 2 sons Jack and Luke, who are 3 years and 8 months respectively. A son Jason who lives in Columbus Ohio and is married to Angie since 1999. They have no children. Jere Lou Duncan, Doug Duncan's mother, is my cousin and I lived with she and her mother in So. Calif. during the second world war. [Probably 1942 to 1945].


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