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Family Tree


Thes are families are all related to the Duncan's one way or another, whether by blood or marriage. Click on a last name for more info.





Merle & Sue Scott
Dominic & Marcella Leo
John Scott & Lucy Aarts-Scott
Bev Scott
Crystal Duncan
Aaron Scott
Rochelle Makela-Scott
Katarina Scott
Trisha Scott
Mike & Glenda Scott
Derrick Scott
Evelyn Chance
Ken Chance

Merle & Sue Scott top

Merle and Sue are retired and currently live in Dothan, AL. Merle (Scotty) is John Scott's father and these are Crystal's grandparents.

Dominic & Marcella Leo top

Marcella is the widow of Dominic, who passed away in 1995, and currently lives in Glendale, AZ. Marcella is John Scott's mother and Crystal's grandmother.

John Scott & Lucy Aarts-Scott top

John and Lucy currently live in Highlands Ranch (Littleton), CO. John is Crystal's father.

Bev Scott top

Bev currently lives in Aurora, CO and is Crystal's mother.

Photo is with Ashley.

Crystal Duncan (maiden name Scott) top

Crystal is now a Duncan and her info is located on the Duncans page.

Aaron Scott top

Aaron Scott is currently active in the ARMY and is stationed in Ft. Eustas, VA. Aaron is Crystal's Brother. Aaron has recently remarried to Rose. They have a child on the way, and Rose has 2 children from a previous marriage, Jada and Damien.

Rochelle Makela-Scott top

Rochelle currently lives in Dallas, TX. Rochelle is Aaron Scott's ex-wife.

Katarina Scott top

Katarina Scott currently lives with her mother, Rochelle Scott, in Dallas, TX.

Trisha Scott top

Trisha currently lives in Parker, CO and is Crystal's sister. Trish is currently engaged to Chris Dow, and they have their wedding planned for August, 2004.

Mike & Glenda Scott top

Mike is the widower of Glenda Scott, who passed away January of 2003. Mike currently lives in Dothan, AL with his son Derrick. Mike is John Scott's brother.

Derrick Scott top

Derrick currently lives in Dothan, AL with his father Mike.

Evelyn Chance top

Evelyn currently lives in Englewood, CO, and is Lucy Aarts-Scott's mother.

Ken Chance top

Ken currently lives in Littleton, CO, and is Lucy Aarts-Scott's brother.

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