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Photo Albums

Here you will all find all the photo albums I have put together on one page for easy viewing. These are all in slideshow format and can be viewed individually, as a filmstrip or as a slideshow. The controls are on the upper-right hand of the page. Just close the window when finished viewing.



Photo Albums


First couple of weeks (in hospital)
The second couple of months (at home)
2-7 Months old
Ashley's Christening - October 28th, 2001
Ashley's 1st Birthday -March 27th, 2002
1-2 Years old
Ashley's 2nd Birthday - March 27th, 2003
Ashley's 1st (official) haircut - July 22nd, 2003
Ashley's 1st Fishing Trip - August 10th, 2003
Short Movie of Ashley with her first fish (Very Funny!)
Ashley's 3rd Birthday -March 27th, 2004


First few days after birth
Up to 6 months
My First Birthday!

Doug, Crystal, Ashley & Brandon

Doug & Crystal's old dating pics - and a few after marriage
Cancun, Mexico - November 2000
Deadwood, SD - January, 2001
Mother's Day 2001 - Jere Duncan in Denver - Crystal's 1st Mothers Day
Crystal and Ashley in Dothan, AL - April 2002
Crystal and Ashley in Phoenix, AZ - March 2003
Crystal and Ashley in Billings, MT - May 2003
Tiny Town, CO - May 26 2003 (Memorial Day)
Yellowstone Park - August 2003

Christmas Photos

Christmas 2001 in Denver
Christmas 2002 in Billings, MT
Christmas 2003 in Denver

All Family Photo Albums

Family Reunion 2000 in Livingston, MT
Duncan get-together in San Francisco - October, 2000
Family Reunion 2001 in Billings, MT
Family Reunion 2002 in Billings, MT
Family Reunion 2003 in Livingston, MT
(No pics. Please e-mail if you have any)
Heather, Genese & Carolyn in Denver from Phoenix 4/25/04
Crystal & Kids go to Billings 4/04
John & Lucy Scott's Alaska Trip Summer 04

Misc. Photo Albums

Crystal and Ashley's Playgroup in Green Valley Ranch
Misc Photos of 2002 - Duncan's and friends

Misc Photos of 2003 - Duncan's


All New Duncanet!!

Welcome to the all-new Duncanet website. I have completely redesigned the site to a more appealing look and much easier navigation. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me any feedback you may have here.

Thanks for visiting!

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