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This is a good place to check for all the latest family news and all updates and new information on the Duncanet.com website.

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November 14, 2003 Brandon Stanley Duncan Born
August 23 , 2003
Duncanet Football Pool

July 22 , 2003
It's a Boy!!

July 22 , 2003 Ashley's First (official) Haircut
Summer , 2003 Lots going on this Summer
May 26, 2003
Helen Sullivan passes away

May 21, 2003
Crystal & Ashley travel to Billings
March 27, 2003 Ashley Duncan turns two
March 23, 2003 Second child on the way for Doug & Crystal!!
March 16-22, 2003 Family travels to Phoenix
January 21, 2003 Glenda Scott Passes Away
January 06, 2003 Doug Lands Job at Qwest

January 17, 2003
Web Sullivan passes away

November 14, 2003 Brandon Stanley Duncan Born top of page

4 Days Old My name is Brandon Stanley Duncan and I was born at 11:30 PM on Friday, November 14th 2003. The nurse said I was pretty big because I weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces, and I was 2 weeks early to boot! I'm 20-1/2 inches tall so I am taller than my big sister when she was born. Ha ha.

I really didn't want to come out, but the doctors thought I better because their machine things were not picking up a very good baseline on my heartbeat. Mommy and Daddy and everyone else were very patient at the hospital with me, but I really felt all nice and warm in Mommy and just didn't want to budge.

Mommy wouldn't dilate enough even with the help of special vitamins, so I came out through Mommy's tummy in what they called a C-section. It's a good thing I did, because I was having so much fun playing in Mommy's belly that I tied my umbilical cord in a knot and had it wrapped around my neck twice. That was probably the reason my readings came out funny.

I am very healthy except for low blood sugar, which the nice nurse will monitor for the next several hours. It is probably because I was so big that it is low. Hopefully I won't have to go into ICU, but if I do I will be fine and just have to take more sugar to get my levels right.

Mommy was great during my birth and will be staying at the hospital with me until Monday so she can start to heal the owie in her belly. She did not really want me to come out her belly, but when they found me all wrapped up in my umbilical cord, she is glad that I came out when I did.

We are staying at The Medical Center of Aurora, at 1501 South Potomac Street, Aurora, CO in room 212. The phone number is 303-695-2600 in case you want to give Mommy a call. Daddy went home to get some sleep. We had a whole bunch of family people here I got to meet including Grandma Scott, Great Grandma Debeaux, Grandma & Grandpa Scott, Aunt Trisha, Uncle Chris, Uncle Rodger, and especially my big sister Ashley, who I'm going to have a lot of fun with. They were all so fun.

If you would like to see more pictures of me, please look at my photo album or go to my page.

August 23 , 2003 Duncanet Football Pool top of page

I have set up a 2003-04 NFL football pool on the forums for the this website. I am inviting everyone to play if you would like, and you have the choice to play for fun or money ($10 entry fee if you want to be in the pot). If you are with the IRS, this is of course play money . Here are the links:

All the rules and signup info are on the first link for the Football Pool. You must pick weekly and the entire pot goes to the top 3 winners of the pool (if you chose to get in the pot).

Sign up now because the first game is Thursday, September 4th!!


July 22 , 2003 It's a Boy!! top of page

We went to the Crystals Gynocologist today with several members of Crystal's immediate family to FINALLY find out the sex of our next child. Without question, we are having a boy. Not too much mistaking the ultrasound screens! We are cery excited and are very much looking forward to having a boy. His official name will be Brandon Stanley Duncan, with his middle name named after my father. He has his own page, so check it out for more details and photos. I will keep this updated as I do Ashley's page.

July 22 , 2003 Ashley's First (official) Haircut top of page

Ashley was given her first haircut at a salon today and she was great about it. The barber said that a lot of kids get frightened when they start cutting, but Ashley thought it was great! She sat still the while time and enjoyed the whole thing. She was even looking forward to it before we went. Check out the photo album for a slideshow of some pictures.

Summer , 2003 Lots going on this Summer top of page

Well we are busy busy busy this summer with relatives coming into town, things going on, having a 2-1/2 year old on our hands and expecting another baby this November. Crystal's brother Aaron came to town with his new wife Rosie for a week towards the beginning of July. They also brought their 2 kids (Rosie's from a previous marriage) and the one they are expecting in October. We had a great time with them and it was very nice to Meet Rosie and her 2 kids Jada and Damien.

Crystal had 2 Aunts come into town right after her brother and family left, and was able to meet them for dinner one night before they left town again.

Crystal's Cousin Derrick is in town for a couple months and is staying with his uncle John. He is having a great time and is seeing places he has never seen before like Yellowstone park, Deadwood, SD and Mount Rushmore.

My sister Janet also came into town for a couple days and then made her way to Billings for a few weeks to attend my grandmother's services and to be at the family reunion. She will be back through Denver again on her way back to New York, so that should be fun.

Many other things happening, and Crystal hasn't even had time to turn around or breathe. She's getting closer to the delivery of the baby, so I will have to slow her down a little so the baby does not come early like the last one did. Easier said than done though.

We also want to get together with many of our friends who live in various parts of Denver before the summer's over, but so far we have not had time to yet. This is very different from normal because we like to keep in touch and visit our friends as much as we can, but it's been a crazy year.

05-26-03 Helen Sullivan passes away top of page

Helen passed away Memorial day of this year, and her memories will live on forever. She was a wonderful person and was surrounded and loved by family and friends much of her life. She died of natural causes and was just 3 days shy of her 88th birthday. I have very fond memories growing up with my grandmother always very near. I loved her dearly and will miss her very much, as will the rest of the family. She died in Billings, MT and was surrounded by many family members the last few days of her life. You can read her obituary in the Billings Gazette here. This photo was taken during the family reunion of 2002 in Billings, MT. Services will be held in Billings on July 31st, 2003. E-mail Jere Duncan for more details.

05-21-03 Crystal, Trish, & Ashley travel to Billings top of page

Crystal, her sister Trisha, and Ashley made a trip to Billings for a few days to visit with relatives and friends. It was a very nice trip and she got to take the new minivan out for its first road trip. It was great timing because she was able to see several family members who were in town including Sue Duncan, Angi Duncan, Rachel Sullivan, Phyllis Sullivan, and Kerrie Sullivan. They were also able to see Helen Sullivan before she passed away, which will be very special to Ashley later years in her life. Crystal has written up a little info about the trip on the Events Page.

03-27-03 Ashley Duncan turns two top of page

Can you believe it? Ashley is already 2 years old, and not stopping! Crystal threw a great party for Ashley that was attended by many family and friends. The theme was Monsters, Inc. and it was very cool. Ashley had a blast and got tons of stuff. It was also very close to my birthday (Doug) and our Stepmom (Lucy), so we were also included in the festivities. I also put together a photo album of the event.

03-22-03 Second child on the way for Doug & Crystal!! top of page

Crystal found out she was pregnant and we will be parents x 2!! My birthday is March 22nd, so this was a wonderful birthday gift for me. We are very excited. The timing is perfect, and the baby is due in November of this year, which will put Ashley and number 2 about 2-1/2 years apart in age. We are very excited!! This time around we will find the sex of the baby, and will post it here as soon as we know. This should be sometime mid-July. More info here.

03-16/22-03 Family travels to Phoenix top of page

Crystal, Ashley, John and Lucy, her father and stepmother, traveled to Phoenix to visit family and friends for a few days. She has written about the trip, and there is also a photo album on the Events Page

01-21-03 Glenda Scott Passes Away top of page

Glenda Scott, the wife of Mike Scott and mother of Derrick Scott of Dothan, AL, passed away after a long bout with cancer. She was a wonderful aunt and will be remembered by all. She is the sister-in-law of John Scott and she and Mike are the aunt & uncle to Crystal.

01-06-03 Doug Lands Job at Qwest top of page

With the sign-of-the-times in this industry, I have yet another job, making this 5 jobs in 5 years. Not building up much retirement moolah that way. This might seem surprising, but this is the way the IT industry operates these days, with all the constant re-sizing going on. I am very happy just to have a job, because I know they are very tough to land these days, and I have several friends who can't even find work in the industry. I took this job before an inevitable layoff with my last company, AT&T Broadband. They were bought by Comcast and were undergoing big changes, which included giving about half the company the boot. Before that I worked at, US West, which was bought by Qwest, Citibank, CTL Computer, and 2M Company. I worked at 2M for 8 years before I decided to switch career-paths and go into the IT industry.

01-17-03 Web Sullivan passes away top of page

Web Sullivan passed away today in Livingston, MT. He was a great person and was loved by all of his family and friends, which he had many of. Web will always be remembered by me as a very generous and giving person, and the one who always had the video camera at all the family events while I was growing up. Web's wife Phyllis still lives in Livingston, MT. This photo was taken at the 2001 Family Reunion in Billings, MT.


All New Duncanet!!

Welcome to the all-new Duncanet website. I have completely redesigned the site to a more appealing look and much easier navigation. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me any feedback you may have here.

Thanks for visiting!

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