A personal letter written by Angi Duncan on 3/15/01

NOTE: Angi is obviously going through some very hard times at the moment, and I am posting this letter to let all family members know that she is OK and is coping as best as she can. Please do not try to contact Angi during this troubling time, but keep her in your thoughts and prayers for the hardship she has gone through. Hopefully this letter will comfort all family members that are wondering if all is going OK with Angi at the present time. Please do not try to contact her, but if you would like to get a note or thought to her, please e-mail her sister Sue here. Our hearts go out to Angi at the time of this tragic loss.

To update all of you.....

I am going to be traveling on the road for a while. I am home but will be leaving tonight or tomorrow.

We went down to Florida together on Sunday to get all of her stuff that was there and to pick up our monster van. Then on Monday we drove to Atlanta and I stayed there for the night. I came back to Spartanburg Tuesday morning and am finishing up some unfinished things here before I go. She training started Tuesday and she should be done by Friday afternoon sometime. So I will drive back down and leave the van in the terminal employees' parking lot.

Ideally, I plan on being with her for about 3 weeks or so and then I want to go back to school so that we can team drive together. She plans on dropping me off at the school when I am ready and I will just stay at a local hotel for the 3 weeks that it will take me to finish. At that time, we may change companies, or not, it just depends on how it goes. If they do not want to hire me (being a recent graduate and all) we will have to switch. But I have seen that it will be no big deal if we have to switch -- companies are begging to get teams signed on and are even offering sign-on bonuses.

We have Sandy and her kids looking after the dogs, and we plan on picking them up in the near future to go on the road with us. We have locked up the house and have turned the water heater down, etc. However, in doing all of this and to trying to save some money, we are shutting off the phone and canceling our cable Internet access. Unfortunately, this will cease all e-mail's that I can send and receive for a while, but we are getting a cell phone that has no roaming and no long distance fees that we will carry with us. I do not know what the new number is as of yet, but will let everyone know once I get it. For the rest of this week and the weekend, I will still have my old cell number (864)266-5264, but would prefer not to use it much as the charges are outrageous for roaming out of my network. I plan on writing and all, but unfortunately I cannot receive mail since we won't be one place long enough to get it. Sandy will be picking up our mail for us here and we will come through when possible to pick it all up.

I will be keeping in touch, and apologize for not doing so recently. I haven't much felt like talking. Just so you all know, I am doing OK. I have my bad days and am trying to keep occupied so that I don't turn into a total wreck. I am even crocheting again. (Yes, Mom, you heard that right!!!) I have heard so many times that time heals all and I am sincerely counting on that. Through all of this, I have been trying to make decisions that will help me and am trying to keep my head on my shoulders. I feel that what my plans are for the next few months are the wisest that I could have made. And if in time, my feelings change, I will act accordingly. So that is why I want you all to know that these plans are tentative at best and may change at any given moment. But we all know and love Sue with all of our hearts, so we are used to that, right? =o) heehee Sorry Sue, I couldn't resist.

Like I mentioned before, I plan on getting out of here tonight or tomorrow morning. As it is looking right now, it will be in the morning. I am running behind.

I also wanted to thank all of you for everything that you have helped me with. I know that this is a difficult time for all and I appreciate every tiny thing that you are doing and that you have helped me with. Words cannot express even the smallest bit of how grateful that I am to have such a wonderful family.

I send all of my love to all of you and hope that everyone is doing OK. Crystal - take it easy and enjoy the bed rest (as strange as that may sound) because soon you will be wishing that you could just get another hour's sleep after the all-night feedings and restless nights.

I will be in touch,
Love Angi