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Please check this page for upcoming events including things like family reunions, local get-togethers and anything that might of interest to the family. Please submit information that you have about upcoming events to me, if it is not listed here.




2001 Events

Christmas, 2001 Duncan Christmas in Colorado
October 28, 2001 Ashley Duncan's Christening
August 17th-19th, 2001 2001 Family Reunion
March 10, 2001 Baby shower for Crystal Duncan
January 20-24, 2001 Deadwood/Mount Rushmore/Billings Trip

Christmas, 2001 Duncan Christmas in Colorado top of page

As you probably know by now, Doug & Crystal Duncan welcomed their first baby into the world on March 27th, 2001. Her name is Ashley Ann Duncan, and she is a beautiful little girl. You can see more of her on Ashley's Page. She had a WONDERFUL first Christmas this year, and thank you to all who traveled to Denver to be here for it! Jere Duncan (Ashley's Grandma) traveled from Billings,MT, Janet Duncan (Ashley's aunt) traveled from New York City, Aaron Scott (Ashley's uncle) returned to Denver from Korea, before being stationed in Virginia, and Rochelle and Katarina Scott (Ashley' aunt and cousin) traveled from Texas to be here. Ashley and Katarina both got quite the loot Christmas morning and our little house was almost too small for it all! Of course the entire family who also live in the Denver area were in attendance. Christmas Eve a group of our family went over to my aunt Sharmon & uncle Marty's house for festivities, as we do each year, and it was fun, as usual! They are great hosts!

People in attendance here for Christmas morning "opening of the gifts" were: Doug, Crystal, and Ashley Duncan, Jere Duncan, Janet Duncan, Bev Scott, Ruby DeBeaux, Roger DeBeaux, John Scott, Lucy Aarts-Scott, Aaron Scott, Rochelle and Katarina Scott, Trisha Scott, Chris Dow, and Evelyn Chance. Lot of people for such a little house, but it was very fun. Thank you to you all for making Ashley's first Christmas a great time, and for all the help preparing the wonderful dinner we had!

Christmas 2001 Photo Album

October 28, 2001 Ashley Duncan's Christening top of page

Ashley Duncan was officially Christened on October 28th, 2001 with the accompaniment of her entire family who lives in Denver. Her uncle Aaron (Crystal's brother) was also in town after returning from a year of service in Korea, before being stationed in Virginia. Her aunt Rochelle and cousin were also in from Texas for the event. Her appointed Godparents are Chello Herbert as Godfather, and Trisha Scott as Godmother. Chello is Doug's best friend and came down from Billings, MT for this event, and Trisha Scott is Crystal's younger sister, who lives in Denver.

Christening Photos

August 17th-19th, 2001 2001 Family Reunion top of page

The 2001 Family Reunion went without a hitch. It was a great time for everyone who showed up and it is always exciting to see people you have not seen in a while. Hosting the reunion was Helen and Oliver Sullivan, who live in Billings, MT. The turnout was not as well as originally hoped, but the week of the reunion was also the week a lot of schools started back in session, preventing many people from traveling out of state. Hopefully next year we will schedule the reunion at an earlier date. All the immediate Duncan family showed as well as many other families including the Sullivans, Renos, Harkin, Lumley, Scott, DeBeaux, and many others. Many friends of the family were also there. I have left the link for the schedule of events for anyone interested in seeing what was originally planned: Schedule of Events. Please click the link below for a photo album.

2001 Family Reunion Photo Album!

March 10, 2001 Baby shower for Crystal Duncan top of page

On March 10, 2001, we had my baby shower. The shower was given by my Mom, Granny, Sister, step-Mom and sister-in-law. We had about 20 family and friends here at our house (Crystal's). First we played the clothespin game and you could not say baby, boy, or girl, or you lost a clothespin. At the end of the shower, Aunt Mary won. We then played how much yarn will it take to go around my belly? Brenda (coworker of my Mom) won that one. Then it was the baby food guessing, and that was won by Rochelle (my sister-in-law). We all ate lots and talked about baby things. I was planted into my chair the entire time, but I was allowed up long enough to go to the bathroom, look at my baby cake (carrot cake brought by Aunt Sharmon) and show my belly off. Every time I tried to get up I was told sit my butt down by everyone! My Mom and Granny ( Bev and Ruby) brought a veggie tray, crackers, chips, pop, tortilla wraps, and nuts. My Step Mom (Lucy) brought a meat tray, bread, and fruit. Baby made a great haul on his/her stuff I received as gifts. We got many things that we still needed. My Aunt Sharmon made me a baby diaper cake. It was so cool, and there were little baby things tied all over it. That cake was the talk of the shower. As soon as we get photo's, we will post them here. My Mom, Granny and Sister did all the decorating of the house, since I was forced to sit in my chair. The shower was a great time even thought it was snowing. Thank you to all who came, and to my family for putting on such a great and fun shower!!

January 20-24, 2001 Deadwood/Mount Rushmore/Billings Trip top of page

Doug and Crystal took their last "official" trip/vacation before the baby's born, to Deadwood, SD where we also met up with some friends. We met Chello Herbert from Billings, and Craig and Lani Bolenbaugh from Missoula on this trip. We all visited Mount Rushmore with the group because none of them have ever been there before, even though we have been there numerous times. After the trip to Deadwood, we spent the last couple days in Billings, MT before returning to Denver. The whole trip was very uncomfortable to Crystal because she was so far along with the pregnancy. Also we picked the wrong time of year to visit this area because NOTHING was open (except casinos, of course). Normally they have several fun attractions in the area, but they are mostly all seasonal. Otherwise it was a very fun trip. We did not take many photos while we were there, but I have posted a few of them using the link below.

Deadwood Photo Album

All New Duncanet!!

Welcome to the all-new Duncanet website. I have completely redesigned the site to a more appealing look and much easier navigation. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me any feedback you may have here.

Thanks for visiting!

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