Here's my proposed itinerary, although as usual I am sure it will change when I am there.

30--fly to lima, Peru
31--fly to Arequipa, Peru

3--travel to Chile border, stay in Arika
4--travel to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
5--San Pedro, Chile
6--San Pedro Chile
7--day of jeep trip to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
8--day 2 of Salar trip
9--day 3 of Salar trip, sleep in Uyuni
10--travel to Potosi, Bolivia
11--Potosi, Bolivia
12--travel to Sucre, Bolivia
13--Sucre, Bolivia
14--travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia
15--travel to La Paz, capital of Bolivia
16--La Paz
17--La Paz
18--bike trip from La Paz to Coricio
19--travel to Copacabana, Bolivia
21--hike Isla de Sol in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
22--hike Isla de Sol, sleep in Copacabana
23--travel to Puno, Peru
24--island tour in Peruvian side of Titicaca, homestay with local family
25--back to Puno
26--travel to Cuzco, Peru
27--Cuzco Peru
28--day 1 of Machu Pichu trek
29--day 2 of Machu Pichu trek, overnight in Aguas Calientes
30--explore Machu Pichu again, train to Cuzco

1--Cuzco and Sacred valley tour
2--Sacred Valley--overnight in a small Andean village
3--fly to Lima
5--fly to NYC

It'll be fun!!!