From the Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking website:

"Mountain Biking down the World´s Most Dangerous Road in BOLIVIA, South America. 64kms downhill and 3600m of vertical drop ... online photos - only with Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking!"

You can see all the photos Janet describes below here and you must use password photos

From Janet:


Last week I had the chance to do a donwhill mountain bike ride, down a road named "The World´s Most Dangerous Road". (Don´t panic, Mom, no one had died doing this, only broken bones. As we know I only do that when actually NOT riding the bike....)

It was an amazing adventure, and when I had the chance to go back up the road in a bus I couldn´t believe I had biked that! Here are some photos of that day--I did not realize many of these were being taken, hence the facial expressions! There are great scenic photos as well. I am in Page 1, #15; page 2, #7; page 3 #14 ( I really didn´t want him taking my photo wile trying to concentrate on the road!); page4, #1, #13, #16, page 5, #10; page 6, #1, page 7, #1.

Yes, that is an orange bandana under a read bike helmet--to keep my ears warm. It was freezing at the beginning. I guess I need color coordination lessons....

I am in many more than those I listed, maybe that´s what I get for staying so close to the shutterbug guide.

Anyway, enjoy. I did!