Thought I had better get off a note to let you all know I am okay. I tried to send some of the journals I had written up last week from Chile, but they wouldn't go through. Then, for the last three days I have been on an awesome jeep tour the Salar D'Uyuni in southern Bolivia. There was no internet access, there weren' even any bathrooms. Sue had mentioned that some friends of hers did this trip a couple years ago and loved it. I have to agree--unlike anything I have ever expereinced before. I did spend a night in the freezing cold (my water froze in the water bottle) at about 16,000 feet and the only altitude problems I had was shortness of breath, and lightheadedness. Now I am the town of Uyuni, and on to Potosi tomorrow.

I'll try to get off more detailed journals for the website tomorrow, as I have a bad tummy tonight and need to stay close the the baño (Sue, you know what I mean). Could be bad stomach from the llama meat they served us at lunch--yes llama. Tasted like overcooked tough beef, but not bad.

Please send e-mails, I'll be checking in every other day or so for the next couple of weeks. I´ll definitley get off the letter for the website, but probably not as detailed as in the past, as internet is touchy here.

Love you all,